Homework Policy

  • (AR 6154) Don Benito Homework Policy
    • Homework serves many important purposes - it reinforces academic skills, teaches research skills, and helps students learn to develop ideas and become life-long learners.
    • Homework is the responsibility of the student; students need to develop regular study habits and do most of the work independently. At times, long-term assignments may require the assistance of the parent.

    Don Benito’s homework plan for has been developed after extensive research:  Home projects which allows for application of common core standards may be assiged throughout the year at all grade levels.


    Don Benito School’s homework policy and practices align with the PUSD Board Homework Policy. Based on evidence-based research, the purpose of homework is:

    • To practice skills or reinforce knowledge that has been learned in the classroom in order to help students master a specific skill
    • To reflect on what was learned in the classroom
    • To be used as a way for students to prepare for future classroom activities
    • To transfer knowledge and extend skills learned in one content or subject area to another situation

    As we move into Common Core Standards aligned instruction, students will be responsible for more group projects and homework assignments may be connected to real life experiences.


    Grade Level

    Amount of Time 


    Average % of time with Parental support


    10 - 25 minutes

    Parent involvement is necessary to complete most activities.



    20 - 35 minutes

    Parents are expected to help their child, as needed, complete the homework and to check it for accuracy and assist in correcting mistakes.




    20 - 35 minutes

    Parents provide assistance (clarifying directions, getting started, etc.) for students to complete homework as independently as possible. Parents should check the accuracy of the completed homework.




    25 - 50 minutes

    Parents provide encouragement and guidance, as needed, for their child to complete homework independently and verify that it was completed. Parents initial the homework agenda/journal.




    30 - 55 minutes

    Parents are aware of homework assignment and support completion by providing guidance as needed and initialing the homework agenda.



      35 – 60

    Parents are aware of homework assignment and initial the homework agenda. Students take full responsibility to record, get assistance as needed, and turn-in homework assignments on time.



     *If your child consistently requires much longer than the time indicated above to complete his/her homework, please contact your child’s teacher. It is possible that some modification to the homework load is needed for your child and/or a homework “contract” should be designed to support your child’s best efforts. To ensure that homework is an effective part of the educational process, we believe that open communication among teachers, parents, and students is critical. Below are listed ways in which teachers, parents, and students can best support this collaborative effort:

    Frequency: Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday to all PUSD elementary students. Students are encouraged to participate in recreational reading, cultural and educational activities, family time, and explore new interests during breaks from school.

    Duration: Because research shows that excessive amounts of homework have diminishing returns, PUSD has developed the following guideline to determine the amount of time students spend completing homework.

    Grade Level

    Maximum Number of Homework Minutes Per Day


    10 minutes + 15 minutes of reading

    1st & 2nd Grades

    20 minutes + 15 minutes of reading

    3rd Grade

    30 minutes + 20 minutes of reading

    4th-5th Grades

    40 minutes + 20 minutes of reading

    Differentiation due to special programs, such as English Language Learner, Gifted and Talented, advanced placement, etc., may be required.

    Suggested Guidelines for Parents to Support Student Success:

    • Provide a quiet, well-lit study area with a desk or table and chai
    • Keep a supply of “study tools” available: pencils, pen, paper, ruler, and diction
    • Establish a regular time for homework during which the child can work with minimum interrupti Provide a healthy balance between homework, extra and co-curricular activities, and family commitments
    • Encourage student responsibility and independence
    • Contact the teacher if a child is not consistently able to do the homework within the time guidelines, or if challenges or questions ari

     Homework During Illness

    If you wish to request homework for a child who is ill, please contact the school office by 9:00am on the day you wish homework to be ready. This will give the teacher sufficient time to prepare your child’s assignments, which may be picked up in the office after 3:10 pm on the day that you phone and every day thereafter throughout the duration of the illness.

    Teachers will provide students with opportunities to make up classwork and homework in a timely manner. Students and teachers will collaborate to ensure that students have a reasonable amount of time to make up all work. Parents are notified by teachers about the status of make-up work. Students are not punished with a loss of grade points on make-up work. No student may have his/her grade reduced or lose academic credit for any excused absence when missed assignments and tests are satisfactorily completed within a reasonable amount of time.