• Early Childhood Education Enrollment Office is Open 


    Please contact your enrollment technician according to your school of choice for an appointment. 


    Fill Out an Online Waitlist Application Here




             For questions of our school of choice please contact one of our Enrollment Technicians                               (626) 396-5762


    Ext 10075


    Ext 10073



    Hamilton   Sierra Madre
    San Rafael   Webster
    Jackson    Willard
    Madison Longfellow CC
    Jefferson CC   Willard CC
    Cleveland CC Altadena
    Washington CC  Field Mandarin *

     For questions about our programs and to turn in the application, please email earlychildeducation@pusd.us

      Preschool does not guarantee placement in the Elementary School for Kindergarten. It is the parent's responsibility to follow the district procedure for the school application process. 




    Enrollment waitlists forms are below and can be filled out and turned in by fax, email, or in our office. Waitlist applications do not insure that your child will be enrolled in your school of choice. If chosen you must complete our enrollment process in order for your child to be registered for your school of choice.  

    Enrollment packets are not offered online, email, or fax. The enrollment process is a complicated process in which we have multiple types of enrollment packets for families and schools. Please contact our enrollment office at 626-396-5762 ext 10070 to speak to our enrollment specialist and make an appointment.

Enrollment Forms