• Full Day Preschool

    Full day preschool program for families who are working, going to school or seeking employment. A full fee option is available as well. 

    Children's Centers

    The Children's Centers offer Full-Day or Before and After-School Care programs (Jefferson and Longfellow Only) in an educational setting for children PreK through 5th grade for parents who are working, attending school, job training, seeking employment, or incapacitated.

    Services are also provided for children who are referred by protective services or have special needs.


    Cleveland Dual Language Children's Center is now offering two full day classes, English and a Spanish immersion class.

    Spanish immersion class hours will be from 7:00am - 2:00pm, English hours will be from 2:00pm - 6:00pm  

    Cleveland Dual Language Children's Center
    524 Palisade St. 
    Pasadena, Ca 91103
    (626) 396-5762

    Jefferson Children's Center 
    391 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.
    Pasadena, Ca 91106
    (626) 396-5712

    Longfellow Children's Center
    1377 N. Mar Vista Ave.
    Pasadena, Ca 91104
    (626) 396-5947

    Washington Children's Center
    1520 Raymond Ave
    Pasadena, Ca 91103
    (626) 396-5945

    Willard Children's Center
    345 S. Halstead St.
    Pasadena, Ca 91107
    (626) 396-5946


    For further information please contact one of our center locations.


    *Preschool does not guarantee placement in the Elementary School for Kindergarten. It is the parents' responsibility to follow the district procedure for the school application process.