Drop off & Pick up Procedures

  • When dropping students off or picking up students, drive west on Ventura Street and leave students off at the curb on the north side of Ventura in front of the school. Do not park in the DROP OFF AND PICK UP ZONE at the curb in front of the school nor in the circle drive.  You may receive a traffic violation from the CHP or Sheriff. If you need to park, please park in the school parking lot in marked spaces and escort children to the cafeteria courtyard or the kindergarten yard.  Please note that the parking lot gate will be locked at 8:40am.  Never park your car in the circular driveway which is an unloading zone in the morning.  Do not park or unload children on the south side of Ventura as this blocks the street for two way traffic.  Approach the school along Ventura traveling west from Lincoln Avenue when coming to pick-up students at dismissal.  Please remember that  many of our students and parents walk to school everyday.  Students should not be on campus before 8:15 am. Please use the sidewalks to enter school, do not walk across the circular driveway.