Dress Code

  • Dress Code

                            The District’s mandatory standardized dress policy is in effect.  The way students dress affects their behavior and attitude.  Students who dress properly, come with the attitude that they are at school to learn and behave appropriately in a public institution.                                   

    Mandatory Uniform Policy

        The uniform consist of :  Bottoms ( pants, shorts, skirts, skorts) are khaki or navy blue (NO SWEAT PANTS);  Tops (polo, shirts, T-shirts) are white polo with a collar or navy blue school T-shirt.  BLUE JEANS MAY ONLY BE WORN ON FRIDAY WITH A SPIRIT SHIRT.   For safety reasons, shoes must be closed toe and straps across the heel must be worn.  Sandals are not permitted. 

         School uniform polo shirts can be purchased at Carrusel Uniforms, Inc. located at 2585 W. Pico Blvd.Los Angeles, (213) 388-2837.  Fridays are school spirit days.  Students can wear yellow or purple tops and blue jeans or the school uniform.  On special days colors or items are added to the uniform.  The PTA sells the yellow, purple, and navy school T-shirt for $7.00 each.