Attendance Policy

  • Attendance and Tardies

                The school receives money from the state according to Average Daily Attendance only when your child is present at school.  The State requires that we verify all absences.  Do not keep your children out of school for any reason except illness or a family emergency.

                If your child is absent, call the office at (626) 396-5640 on the day of absence and send a note explaining the absence to the teacher on the day your child returns to school.  The note must list the date of absence, specific reason for absence, and be signed by the parent or guardian.  It is important that your child be at school everyday as reading and math lessons are presented daily.  Try to schedule doctor appointments after 2 pm or after school.  Students with perfect attendance and are never tardy will be awarded at the end of each month and will receive a certificate of recognition. School begins at 8:40 am.

                California Education Code 48260 states that any student who is absent from school without valid excuse for three full days is truant.  Students who are truant or have an excess of excused absences or tardies will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB); that will require parent and student to participate in a hearing and remediation process involving school district and juvenile court officials