Academic Programs

  • Pasadena Unified School District offers two specialized programs as options for students:  

    • Adult Living Skills Center
    • Focus Point Academy


    Adult Living Skills Center


    PUSD Adult Living Skills Center believes that all individuals have the right to pursue productive lives as valued members of their community.
    The program's goal is to prepare young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for independent living and employment by providing individualized programs.

    Interagency Partnerships
    The PUSD Adult Living Skills Center works with Regional Centers, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Workability I Vocational Training Program, local educational institutions, and various public agencies, and service organizations to help PUSD students make the successful transition to adult life.

    Program Description
    Students entering the PUSD Adult Living Skills Center program will participate in 5 areas of instruction and coaching.

    • Community
    • Vocational
    • Recreation/Leisure
    • Domestic
    • Functional Academics

    Program Information

    • Adult students between 18 and 22 years old
    • Have completed a high school 4-year program
    • Have an active Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Resident served by PUSD 

    For more information about Workability, please call:

    • Marco Rodriguez at 626.396.5800 Ext 78107
    • Veronica Wallace at 626.396.5800 Ext 78041

    Located at:  The Former Wilson Middle School

    Focus Point Academy

    Focus Point offers a small, highly structured special educational program that incorporates daily supportive counseling and specially designed academic instruction for students diagnosed with emotional disturbances and specific learning disabilities in grades 1 – 12. 

    Located at:
    Pasadena High School 
    (626) 396-5950 
    School Website

    About Focus Point Academy
    The Focus Point Academy is a cooperative effort staffed and funded by the Pasadena Unified School District, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, and Pacific Clinics.  

    Educational and clinical staff's work as a team to provide students with skills in socialization, problem resolution, and work closely with parents and families.

    Academics and Treatment
    The Focus Point Academy provides students with the behavioral skills necessary to access academic curriculum and successfully transition to a mainstream campus or a less restrictive educational program within 18 months to two years.   Students have access to core curriculum and individualized educational programs. Enrollment is limited to approximately 50 students.

    Seven special day classes are taught by credentialed teachers, with a maximum of eight students per classroom and a 3:1 ratio of students to staff.

    Educational and Clinical Staff
    Educational and clinical staffs work as a team to provide students with skills in socialization, problem resolution, and work closely with parents and families. 

    The center is staffed by administrators, special education teachers, instructional aides, behavioral aides, therapists, a nurse, and a psychiatrist. Additional services are provided by a speech therapists and psychologists.

    Clinical Services
    A nurse is on-site for four hours each school day, and provides -medication administration, monitoring, and assessment, first aid, emergency care, mandated vision and hearing screenings, IEP participation, in-service training, and health education.

    A psychiatrist is on-site each week for student, family and staff consultation, and medication management.

    Clinical services include individual, group, and family therapy, an afterschool program that focuses on social skills, and in-class behavior support for students identified by the Department of Mental Health. Pacific Clinics, provides clinical services, and staff includes a director, case manager, therapists, behavioral aides, and a psychiatrist who consults with families each week.