School Site Council (SSC)

  • Purpose and Goals of School Site Council

    The SSC is a decision-making body for the school consisting of the principal, classroom teachers, school staff, parents, and community members. It is not an advisory body and council membership must have parity among staff and parents.
    The SSC meets once a month, or more as needed, to discuss school-related issues such as funding, curriculum and enrichment, safety, parent engagement, and student performance. It is responsible for the following:

    • Analyzing and evaluating student achievement data (SBAC and trimester assessments)
    • Obtaining recommendations from advisory, standing, and special committees regarding the focus of the Single Plan for Student Achievement
    • Reviewing the spending of state and federal funding
    • Reviewing the spending of Field Elementary Annual Fund


    2016-2017 Members

    Daniel Bagby (principal)

    Gina Hernandez

    Muchen Yang

    Michelle Kang

    Anqi Deng

    May Fu


    Tien-Hsin Lin (chair)

    Josh Fleagane

    Dana Gaskell

    Luyani Fong

    Mikell Robinson

    OPEN - TBD



    Schedule of Meetings




    9/12/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    10/10/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    11/7/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    12/12/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    1/16/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    2/20/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    3/13/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    4/10/2017 3:30-5PM A10
    5/8/2017 3:30-5PM A10


  • Meeting April 9,2019

    Posted by Amanda Albrizze on 4/10/2019



    SSC Minutes - Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - Room A6

    3:37 - 6:12 PM


    Quorum Achieved with following 10 SSC members present:

    Daniel Bagby, Principal

    Mikell Klinman, Parent & SSC Chair

    Shu Zhang, Teacher

    Catherine Welch, Parent

    Maria Mejorado, Teacher

    Luyani Fong, Parent

    Yuan Zhao, Teacher

    Pei-Yun Lee, Parent

    June Kiesel, Teacher

    Derek Pendergrass, Parent


    Melanie Deng, Teacher


    Michael Amori, Parent


    Guest Name(s): Michelle Kang, Inst. Coach; Tien-Hsin Lin, DLIP PAC Chair; Erin Musick, Teacher; Nicky Sweeney, AF & GATE PAC Chair

    1. Call to Order (1 min) - Mikell Klinman called to order the regular meeting of the Field Elementary School Site Council
    2. Approval of Minutes (2 min) -  Motion: Maria Mejorado. 2nd: Catherine Welch, None opposed, Motion Carried
    3. Public comment Cards - none
    4. Report from Parent Groups (8 min)
    1. PTA: Allen Lee (comments read by Mikell Klinman) - $30,000 carry-over into next school year that could partner with SSC pending approval from association
    2. AF : Nicky Sweeney – nothing to report
    3. DAC: Bryant Matthews – not present
    4. DLPAC: Tien-Hsin Lin - Group printing resources for next year. Need requests sent in by 4/30 for posters, journals, etc. $5,000 from AF
    5. ELAC : - not present
    6. GATE: Nicky Sweeney -Considering how the school can support teachers and GATE students with the Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) to make a priority for 2019-20 school year
    1. Ms. Kang: Report on Teacher Survey (22 min)
    1. Sub days for SST/IEP & Grade-level Data Chats & Peer Observation
    2. MDLIP TOSA that works on curriculum and coaching
    3. Noon Aides (separate from Behavior aide)
    4. Behavior Aide (separate from noon aide)
    5. Instructional Aides
    6. Mandarin Library Books
    7. Training/Conferences for Mandarin instruction - (i.e.National Chinese Language Conference)
    8. Teachers want to make sure that instructional time is maintained when considering extra activities/enrichment
    1. Principal’s Report (48 min)
    1. Playground and Shade Update
    2. New playground equipment has been approved by the District. Most of the new equipment will have shade structures included. These items were approved last year, and the work has not been started yet.
    3. Large Eucalyptus trees will be removed.

    iii. Additional new, larger shade structures will be introduced. The placement is still TBD. New structures will also include solar panels as part of the district’s green initiatives

    1. Marquee Update (4 min)
    2. Marquee is present. Waiting for electrical work to be completed. Should be ongoing. Final terminations still need to be made. Daniel Bagby to follow-up and update.
    3. Staffing Update (11 min) - Class/grade-levels:
    • 5th grade (2)
    • 4th grade (2)
    • 3rd grade (3)
    • 2nd grade (3)
    • 1st grade (5+1 English = 6)
    • Kindergarten (4+1 English Teacher = 5)
    • 21 Total classroom teaching positions funded by the district for 2019-20
    • (1) teacher has been offered and accepted a position for next year for the growth position. She has signed a letter of intent.
    • Current teachers to receive 2019-20 teaching positions by May 15, 2019
    • Coaches: A proposal was given to the Executive Leadership Team to provide (1) instructional coach & (1/2) DLIP TOSA.  D. Bagby waiting for decision. Sierra Madre Middle School is still open to continuing to share a (1/2) DLIP (Mandarin) instructional coach
    1. PE Teacher Update (7 min) - Funded for 8hrs/wk for the remainder of the school year. ii. HR is currently processing an assistant. Grades 3rd, 4th, 5th & Kindergarten to receive 45 minutes/week of PE Instruction
    2. Teacher Survey Results - The following resource priorities were highlighted by

    faculty and staff in the needs assessment:

    1. Increase the number of bilingual instructional aides to 4
    2. Fully fund a behavior aide separate from supervision aides, increase

    supervision aide positions by two

    iii. Invest in Mandarin-specific resources and training for teachers

    1. Ensure full funding of an Instructional Coach and a Mandarin DLIP coach at

    least half-time

    1. Ensure funding for P.E. Teacher at least 8 hours a week
    2. Increase funding for substitutes to provide release time for school business

    (i.e., data chats, curriculum development, SST/IEP meetings, etc.)

    vii. Fund Bilingual Community Asst. for at least 10hrs./week

    1. Technology (2 min)
    2. Barnabas update
    3. Unable to complete contract due to new PUSD contract procedures. Failed to place the proposal on the PUSD school board agenda
    4. STEMscopes LAB update – iMacs to go into 3rd-5th grade Mandarin classrooms.  Work day completed to organize materials, salvage equipment and facilities working to make the table moveable.

    4:58 7. Budget for 2019-20 (62 min)

    1. Current proposal
    2. Discussion
    3. Refine budget – see attached
    4. Vote to Approve Budget and Priorities
    5. Motion: Luyani Fong ii. 2nd: Catherine Welch iii. None Opposed e. Priorities to fund beyond budget: i. Instructional Aide ii. Enrichment iii. NCL Conference 8. SPSA (1 min) i. Revised SPSA is due end of April. Need to approve extra meeting.
    6. Second meeting scheduled for 4/23 to discuss. 9. M. Klinman calls for a Bylaws Committee formation (1 min)
    7. Motion: Mikell Klinman b. 2nd: Pei-Yun Lee c. None opposed 10. SSC Elections Update (4 min)
    8. Will be discussed by the Bylaws Committee. 11. Safety a. Daniel Bagby to update – no update
    9. Traffic Task Force – no update 12. Adjournment 6:12
    10. Motion: Daniel Bagby b. 2nd: Maria Mejorado c. None opposed


    - Approved SSC 2019-20 Budget

    Tuesday, April 9, 2019 3

    2019-2020 Budget

    Notes Income AF Difference 66,415.40 $ PUSD Carryover 12,620.00 $ TBD 2018/19 Direct Ask - Received 158,862.00 $ 2018/19 Gala 20,000.00 $ Goal (Less Reserve) (8,300.00) $

    TOTAL 249,597.40 $

    Expense Behavioral Aide (5 hrs) 14,100.00 $ Community Assistant (10 hrs - ?) 12,700.00 $ Maintenance (copier, etc) 500.00 $ *Partially funded by LCAP Noon Aide (4 hrs) - $ *Funded by LCAP (2) Noon Aide (4 hrs) 9,000.00 $ Additional Aide compared to 2018/19 (0.8) Noon Aide (4 hrs) - $ *Funded by PUSD (1.2) Library Coordinator (10 hrs) 10,000.00 $ 2018/19 under budget (1) Instructional Aide (3@$19,511) 58,533.00 $ Additional Aide compared to 2018/19 (4) ***(1) Next priority to fund Instructional Coach (0.5) 38,000.00 $ 2018/2019 actual (0.5) K-1 English Teacher* - $ *Funded by PUSD (2) PE Teacher and PE Aide 16,000.00 $ GATE Activities 1,500.00 $ MLA Supplies 6,200.00 $ Additional funds for Mandarin library books Registration Fees 500.00 $ Substitute Hours 9,860.00 $ Additional $7,060 compared to 2018/19 Direct Ask Fundraising Exp 300.00 $ PEF Mgmt Fee 8,000.00 $ Merchant Bank Fees 4,000.00 $ Mandarin TOSA** (0.5) 60,395.00 $ **TBD Measure J Funding (0.5) NCL Conference - $ ***(3) Next priority to fund Enrichment - $ ***(2) Next priority to fund

    TOTAL 249,588.00 $

    NET 9.40 $

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  • Meeting Agenda for 11/7

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 11/7/2017 3:00:00 PM



    Parent Group Reports


    AAPC meets this month on November 29 at 5:30pm. There are concerns about the treatment of students so we will discuss that as well as student data. We are pleased to see significant gains by African American students on the CAASPP test last year. And plans are underway for Black History Month 2018.

    Annual Fund




    We had a very informative Parent Info meeting last month, with Mikell Klinman giving us a primer on Common Core Math. She would like to do more grade specific presentations (K-2 separate from 3-5) in the future. Ms. Xu is now on maternity leave. Will need to discuss with Mr. Bagby and Ms. Hernandez about which achievable goals we should work on in Ms. Xu’s absence. Our next Working Group meeting is Nov 16, 2017 at 9 AM.


    No Report for ELAC. We did not have quorum at our last meeting. Next meeting Thursday, November 9 from 2-3.


    There is a GATE PAC meeting this Thursday from 2-3:00pm in the parent room. Also, there is a GATE Parent Workshop on Thursday, November 30th at 6:00pm at the district with guest speaker Dr. Sandra Kaplan, an expert in gifted education and differentiated curriculum and Professor of Clinical Education, USC Rossier School of Education.


    1. New Board Members:

    a. Parliamentarian – Karl Yeh b. Teacher Representative – Erin Musick c. Teacher Representative – June Kiesel

    2. Moon Festival and Fall Festival were huge success. Measured by participation and revenue generated

    3. 5th Grade Trip fundraising on target. Next fundraising event is the Rose Parade Float Viewing Parking (January 1-2, 2018)

    4. Opinion Survey for PTA Special Spending Project ~$25,000

    a. Can be accessed at

    b. Polling closes November 17

    5. Semi-Annual Audit completed and received recommendations that Board will look into implementing

    6. Upcoming Events:

    a. Book Fair (Dec 6-8)

    b. Reading Contest (Dec 1-15)

    c. Winter Performance (Dec 21)

    d. Science Night (Jan 18)

    e. Next PTA Association Meeting (Jan 18 @ 5pm**note time change for this date)

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  • Agenda for October 10, 2017

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 10/10/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Eugene Field Elementary School

    School Site Council

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 3:30-5:00 PM

    Location : A10


    1. Call to Order - Welcome and Introductions
    2. Approval of Minutes from May 16, 2017 and September 12, 2017 meetings
    • Review of Public Comment Cards (guests will fill out cards when they come in)
    1. Establish Working Agreements
    2. Update on Sub Committees
      1. Safety
      2. Curriculum
      3. Student Advisory
      4. Mission/Vision Committee
    3. Principal’s Report
    • Budget Adjustments/Allocations approval
    • Report from DAC
    1. Report from Parent Groups
      1. African American Parent Council
      2. Annual Fund Committee
      3. Dual Language Parent Advisory Committee
      4. English Learners Advisory Council
      5. Gifted and Talented Education
      6. Parent Teacher Association
    2. Discussion/New Business/Roundtable
    3. Questions/Concerns
    • Adjournment


    SSC Meeting Dates (once a month on Tuesdays 3:30-5:00 PM) :

    Sept 12

    Oct 10

    Nov 7

    Dec 12

    Jan 16

    Feb 20

    Mar 13

    April 3

    April 17 (optional, if needed)

    May 15




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  • September 2017 Agenda

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 9/11/2017

    Eugene Field Elementary School
    School Site Council
    Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 3:30-5:00 PM

    Location : A10

    I. Call to Order - Welcome and Introductions

    II. Approval of Minutes from May 2017 meeting

    III. Election of officers

    IV. Update on Sub Committees

    a. Safety
    b. Curriculum
    c. Student Advisory
    d. Formation of Mission/Vision Committee

    V. Principal’s Report

    VI. Report from DAC

    VII. Report from Parent Groups
    a. African American Parent Council
    b. Annual Fund Committee
    c. Dual Language Parent Advisory Committee
    d. English Learners Advisory Council
    e. Gifted and Talented Education
    f. Parent Teacher Association

    VIII. Discussion/New Business/Roundtable

    IX. Questions/Concerns

    X. Adjournment

    SSC Meeting Dates (once a month on Tuesdays 3:30-5:00 PM) :
    Sept 12
    Oct 10
    Nov 7
    Dec 12
    Jan 16
    Feb 20
    Mar 13
    April 3
    April 17 (optional, if needed)
    May 15

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  • Meeting Minutes for Friday, May 12, 2017- SSC- Special Meeting

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 5/22/2017

    Minutes for Friday, May 12, 2017- SSC- Special Meeting

    Meeting begins at 3:30 p.m.

    Mr. Bagby leads the meetign to discuss sections of the SPSA.

    Mission Statement

    1. Mr. Bagby: The mission and vision statements are in need of updating and wil require some thought and processing.

    2. Mrs. Palma: Proposal to consider updating the mission statement early in 2017- 2018 school year.

    3. Gues Mikell: It will take time, and a subcommittee may be needed.

    4. Tien- Hsin: There has been a lot of discussion for several years about updating the statements, but nothing has happened. There is concern that a lack of a clear statemetn will make the end goal difficult to articulate and/or reach.

    5. All: There are different views between updating the mission statement now vs. updating it next year. Suggestion to propose a revised mission statement to the school community for feedback early in 2017-18.


    School Demographics

    1. Mr. B: P.6 Demographics table was updated to match the Demographics graph in SPSA.



    1. Mr. B: For GATE and other groups, like ELAC, the differentation needs ot be done at the district level, under the direction of Julie Reynoso. There is a working group charged with this effort. If you target instruction at the level of the studetn, it's inherent in the teachers' job to model that you group students together who need the same type of instruction.

    2. TH: How are we going to address our Math needs? The language for this is vague. It doesn't help direct teachers who need help achieving this goal. Are we going to put time, resources towards this goal? An example of this to teach place valueor fractions, for example, is to use artful connections that help teach concepts. This may be what Lydia was referring to i the last conversation.

    3. Guest M: <Gives example of practices at other schools she's been at.> 

    4. Mr. B: The focus so far this yera has not been on math, but each teacher has professional experience for teaching math. We'd like to bring back to Common Core, and ther will be district support for this. So it won't be so focused on literacy as it has been this year.



    1. Ms. Xu: This district is saying we are a dual immersion program, so we shouldn't be using iReady, but we (Field) emphasized that we do need it. This summer we will have PD for all teachers to participate in training for iReady.

    2. Mr. B: Ms. Wu and another teacher were trained on it this year as a pilot.

    3. Luyani: how come iReady isn't explicit in the SPSA?

    4. Mr. B: Beacuse it was still in poilot phase so we didn't add it yet.

    5. Dana: Does this replace Front Row or is it in additon to Front Row? <No one knows beacuse it depends on the distrcit and possibly the teachers>

    6. iReady will be used for assessment and remediation. This is needed becasue of interventions needed at Field.


    How will we monitor the needs?

    1. Luyani: It's not clear how we will monitor whtether our plan is working. Trimesters or assessments? What is the time line or specific assessments?

    2. Mr. B: This will depend on teachers, but it will be before trimester 1.

    3. Luy: Will it be every 6 weeks or when?

    4. Guest M: How often do we monitor different student who are progressing or struggling at different rates? How will it be student achievement dependent?

    5. Ms. Xu: All teachers will be required to folow a specific timeline set by the district.



    1. Mr. B: LCAP will pay 2 instructional aides.

    2. We wil put money towards a PE coach so teachers can have collaboratie time.


    Plans to schedule another special meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 3:30- 5:30 p.m. are set. 


    Meeting adjourns at 4:32 p.m.

    *Notes taken by Judy Pa

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  • Meeting Agenda for 5/16/2017

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 5/16/2017

    School Site Council ~ Eugene Field Elementary School
    Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 3:30 – 5:30 PM in A7

    1. Welcome and Introductions (5 min)

    2. Approval of Minutes from May 12, 2017 (5 min)

    3. Principal’s Report (105 min)
         a. Review, revise, and vote on 2017-2018 SPSA and budget

    1. Questions/Concerns/Roundtable (SSC members and/or guests) (5 min)

    2. Adjourn

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  • Meeting 5/9/2017

    Posted by Eunice Sosa on 5/10/2017

    School Site Council~ Eugene Field Elementary School

    Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 3:30- 5:00 pm in A7


    1. Welcome and Introductions (5 min)


    2. Approval of Minutes from April 11, 2017 (5 min)


    3. Election of 2017- 18 Chair and Vice Chair (5 min)


    4. Principal's Report (60 min)

            a. Review SPSA draft and budget

            b. Schedule special meeting to approve budget (May16, 2017)

    5. Report from District Advisory Council (DAC) (5 min)


    6. Report from Parent Groups (5 min)

            a. African American Parent Council (AAPC)

            b. Annual Fund Committee (AFC)

            c. Dual Language Parent Advisory Council (DLPAC)

            d. English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC)

            e. Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

            f. Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    7. Questions/Concerns/Roundtable (SSC members and/or guests) (5 min)

    8. Adjourn

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