Half Day State Pre-School Programs

  • Our Preschool Program adheres to the view that children learn best when they are involved as initiators and active participants in their own learning. Under the program staff supervision children will be provided an environment that is physically and emotionally safe, nurturing and one that promotes exploration and experimentation for all children.

    Children will be greeted in ways that help them become involved with activities, and will keep them busy throughout their stay. Children will be given support when needed and encouraged to attend to their own needs to ensure that they are learning to do things for themselves. They will especially be given the opportunity to talk and express themselves and be allowed to move freely during activities.

    Overview of Program

    • 3 hour preschool program that helps prepare children for Kindergarten.
    • Operates Monday-Friday.
    • Am Session and PM sessions offered at each school site.
    • Free services for low income families who are eligible for state funding
    • Services also available for families who do not qualify under state guidelines for a low monthly fee.
    • Programs housed within elementary school sites.
    • Program follows Pasadena School District Calendar


    *Preschool does not guarantee placement in the Elementary School for Kindergarten. It is the parents' responsibility to follow the district procedure for the school application process. 


Programs Offered at the Following Locations