Listing of Directors

Director - Maintenance, Operations, Transportation and Facilities
Hernandez, Jr.  Leonard  626 396-5850 ext.89199 cell: 626 720-2465
Responsibilities:  Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, and Facilities
Director - Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development
Hill  Helen  626.396.3600 Ext 88206
Responsibilities:  Curriculum development, Common Core Standards implementation, instructional support and coaching, staff development
Director - Human Resources
Rudchenko  Sarah  626-396-3600 Ext. 88778
Responsibilities:  Employee performance management, benefits, recruiting and orientation, employee recognition, substitutes, complaint management, bargaining contract management, classified staff development
Director - Business Services
Udo  Kingsley  626.396.3600 Ext 88149
Responsibilities:  Budget development and monitoring, unrestricted budget, restricted budget, attendance accounting