Dress Code

  • In accordance with the Pasadena Unified School District Uniform Dress Code Policy for Middle School Grades, Sierra Madre has adopted the following guidelines so that students may display pride through their attire.

    Basic Presumptions:

    •  Health: Clothing must be clean and adequate to protect children from weather conditions.
    • Safety: Clothing that puts the wearer or others at risk cannot be worn.        
    •  Decency: Clothing must conform to societal norms in regard to modesty, and display respect for self and others.

    The only acceptable “tops and/or outer wear” for middle years students are:

    • Full cut standard t-shirts with regular sleeve or long sleeve – solids, stripes, and patterns
    • Full-cut blouses or sport shirts with sleeves – solids, stripes, and patterns
    • Polo shirts, regular or long sleeve – solids, stripes, and patterns
    • Turtlenecks

    The only acceptable “bottoms” for middle years students are:

    • Shorts and skirts that are closer to the knee than the buttocks
    • Shorts and long pants that are not excessively baggy or tight, and do not reveal underwear or skin at the waist or midriff.

    The only acceptable “shoes” for middle years students are:

    • Those that have no more elevation than a typical tennis shoe
    • Those that are secured around the ankle some way – tie, buckle, strap, etc.

    The following items are unacceptable at all grade levels

    • Jewelry except for watches, rings, necklaces, earrings
    • Wallet chains or any heavy gauge chain
    • Clothing that depicts inappropriate language
    • Flip-flops as shoes
    • Caps, hats, or bandanas during the school day except for outdoor use.
    • Sleeveless tops or halter-tops
    • Gang-type attire
    • Pajamas
    • Blankets