Back-to-School Nights

  • Every year, schools open their doors to families, educational partners, and community members to participate in Back-to-School Night. It's an opportunity to meet teachers and other school staff members, visit classrooms, and get updated on the school’s committees, events, and policies. 

    Back-to-School Night Schedule

Back to School Tips

  • The school year starts next Monday, August 14, 2023, and we’re excited to see students on our school campuses again!  We want you to start the school year on the right foot, so here are some quick tips:

    • Get to school on time, every day
    • Plan your route to school, whether you’re walking, driving, or taking public transportation. LA Metro offers bus passes for students for public transportation
    • Get a great start by having breakfast before school. You can eat at home or for free at school  
    • Sign up for after school programs
    • Get a Covid Test


  • If you have questions about registration, please contact the registrar at your school or visit You may also contact the PUSD Office of Enrollment for help at (626) 396-3639. 
    Need to enroll in school? Contact the PUSD Office of Office of Enrollment for help at (626) 396-3639 or visit


  • School meals including breakfast, lunch, and supper are available every school day.
    There is no charge for meals and there is no meal application from the Food & Nutrition Services Department that needs to be filled out.  However, please do fill out the alternative income form that is available during registration at schools.

    We want to make school meals more appealing for students, and inSeptember,  PUSD’s Food and Nutrition Services department will conduct a survey that asks students and families what they would like to see on our menus.

    This year, a registered dietitian will be working closely with PUSD’s Health Programs staff to ensure we plan for students with special dietary needs such as allergies, or insulin dependency. 


  • LEARNs LogoPlanning for the new school year includes after-school activities for students. PasadenaLearns is now enrolling students in Expanded Learning Programs that include great activities such as computer coding,  visual/performing arts, karate, homework help, cooking, sewing and so much more!
    Daily program offerings include homework assistance and support, fun enrichment classes, sports and fitness, and nutritious supper
    Programs operate beginning at dismissal every regular school day and are open until 6:00 p.m.
    Students who are English Learners, students residing in foster care, students experiencing homelessness, and students who qualify for free/reduced-price meals based on family income get priority enrollment. Morning programs are available at some Don Benito, Field, Marshall, Norma Coombs, and San Rafael

    Applications are available in your school’s main office or LEARNs office and on the LEARNs website at Apply now! Spaces are filling up fast!


  • All TK-12 students in the district are now eligible to ride the Metro for free, thanks to a new program called the LA Metro Fareless System Initiative. The pilot program is geared towards helping students ride transit without the worry of paying fare. Students will have access to unlimited rides until June 30, 2024, on buses and trains run by LA Metro and other participating transit systems, at no cost to families. 

    To start riding for free, families will have to pick up a special GoPass TAP card and new eligibility code from your school and then register it online or via phone to activate. 

    Register your new GoPass TAP card using one of the options below. Your card will not work until it is registered. To register, choose one of these steps:

    • Online at
    • Call TAP at 866.TAPTOGO (M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm)
    • Use your smartphone camera on the QR code to activate online

    an image of a QR code

    For assistance, parents can send an email (in English or Spanish) to Sandra Vaca with PUSD Transportation. 


  • With the ongoing heat wave, PUSD has developed an operation plan for extreme heat and has a few hot weather guidelines to stay healthy and safe:

    • Stay hydrated, drink water or electrolyte-replacement sports drinks often.
    • Send children to school next week with refillable water bottles. Many schools have water-filling stations and all schools have water fountains.
    • Pay attention to signs of dehydration which include dizziness, fatigue, faintness, headaches, muscle cramps, and increased thirst. Pay attention to the people around you too to keep everyone healthy and safe.
    • PUSD is using the latest version of the National Weather Service's “HeatRisk” forecast tool to identify potential heat risks and levels of concern. It is a better indicator than using temperature alone because it takes into consideration:
      • how unusual the heat is for your location and time of the year, and
      • how long the heat will last
    • Remember that all student athletes can be susceptible to the risks of exercising in a hot environment, particularly those participating in high-exertion sports. More information can be found on the CA Dept of Public Health website.

Important Parent/Guardian Notifications