The Pasadena Unified School District, in partnership with artworxLA and Rose City High School, presents No Boundaries 18, featuring over 300 artworks from all twenty-four PUSD schools. 

    This year’s exhibition centers the connection between creativity and well-being with themes of Hope and Joy, Healing and Resilience, and Dreams and Possibilities. The exhibition was curated by students at Rose City High School who worked with professional curators, exhibition technicians, and museum educators to learn about exhibition development and career pathways in the arts. In addition to the individual artists, No Boundaries 18 showcases how the students deeply considered the thematic and aesthetic connections between artworks.

    The idea of No Boundaries remains a thread throughout the exhibition. There are no boundaries to the ways in which students can create and present work, just as there are no boundaries to the audience's perspective and connection to the work. This sensibility is core to how the exhibition was curated and produced.

    This project was made possible with support from the City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture, and the Pasadena Educational Foundation.  

              No Boundaries 2023        PUSD Arts program

  • Bridging Boundaries Award Winners 

    The annual exhibition of student artwork from the Pasadena Unified School District is proudly sponsored by the City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission. The highlighted piece was chosen from the district-wide PUSD art display, "No Boundaries." A group of community arts experts and members of the Arts Commission select each piece of art. 


Pumpkin of Glory
My "Pumpkin of Glory" brings me hope an joy. While creating my pumpin I realized I need to improve. Sure enough, that gave me hope in myself and to spread the joy to my audience.

Pumpkin of glory
Oliver Alexander Anajjar
Webster Elementary School, 4th, Mr. Sevani

Over grown

Even in the worst of circumstances life can still be beautiful. Life keeps going, just like these plants.

Danielle Roper
Marshall High School, 12th grade, Mr. Rendon

Feeling Like fall

Feeling like Fall
What inspired me most were the vibrant colors of fall. Using colors makes your artwork pop out more! I was also inspired by the shape of leaves because they are all different shapes.

feeling like fall
Ariana Hernandez
Longfellow elementary, 4th grade, Ms. Brooks

the mask

The Mask
I wanted to express my emotions through this art piece and used Acrylic Paint

The mask
Sienna Bonoli
John Muir High, 9th grade, Ms. Lake

Gratitude Mandala

Gratitude Mandala
I'm grateful for all the things I have because not everyone has all the things I have. I used bright colors because they make me feel happy and remind me of my family and others.

Gratitude Mandala
Naomi Camacho
Don Benito, 3rd grade, Ms. Watson

Bits and Pieces
When I think of when I'm at my happiest I always think of the time I spend with my family. Art has always been a good outlet for me to express myself and sewing was one of the very first mediums I got into.

Bits and Pieces
Joana Lopez
Marshall Fundamental, 11th grade, Mr. Rendon

Dragon Festival
The drawing is of a festival celebrating a large dragon. I took inspiration from Shintoism for the festival. I also took the designs of the buildings and dragon from Japanese culture.

Dragon Festival
John Turner
Blair Middle School, 8th grade, Mrs. Martinez