Staff Device Refresh

  • Digital Equity involves creating a learning environment where students and teachers have equal access to educational technology, including devices, programs, applications, and the internet, and where they are provided with training to help them successfully navigate these tools. After surveying teachers, we realized that the basic technology found in classrooms differed greatly by site. In an effort to create a more equitable digital environment, and to begin centralization of technology purchases to ensure equity in the future, we will be using the technology bond funds to purchase a basic classroom tech package for all teachers.


    One of the goals of the Basic Tech Package is to create an equitable digital learning environment by providing all classrooms with robust teacher and student devices capable of effectively running district digital tools and resources, meeting security requirements and ongoing updates, and providing cloud-based manageability.


    ITS is currently in the process of deploying new devices to sites, consisting of a laptop, monitor, docking station, keyboard, and mouse. Please check back in to this site as updates and information will be posted here throughout this process.