• Year Three 2021-22

    The Think Tank team has been active throughout summer and fall 2022. Some of the activities included:

    • Summer and fall 2022: We revised two volumes of The Learning Curve; read more here
    • June and August, 2022: We led teacher professional development sessions; read more here
    • November 2022: We served as journalists and a panelist at Pasadena Education Foundation's EdTalk at Caltech; read more here
    • April and November 2022: We offered presentations at PUSD Board Meetings; read more here 
    • Fall 2022: We recruited and interviewed Cohort Three members who were introduced to the Think Tank via an in-person session at Rose City High School on January 18, 2023; see images below!
  • EdTalk

    From L-R: Maude Windsor (Marshall '24), Mya Hernandez (PHS ‘23), Stephanie Barcenas (Marshall '23),
    Gabrielle Trujillo (PHS '24), Morgan Gaskell (‘24) alongside a Muir student in the back row



  • The orientation session was organized by Think Tank members from Cohort One and Two including Natalia Abadjian (PHS '24), Liberty Alderton (Muir '23), Asha Bailey (Muir '24), Stephanie Barcenas (Marshall ’23), Finney Bernstien (Marshall '23), Sophia Chou (Marshall '25), Addie Dale (PHS '23), Parami De Silva (PHS '23), Morgan Gaskell (PHS '24), Lauren Gray (Muir '24), Mya Hernandez (PHS '23), Paulina McConnell (PHS ’25), Arlington Pacheco (Blair, ’24), Gabrielle Trujillo (PHS '24), and Maude Windsor (Marshall ’24).

    The new Cohort 3 members welcomed into the group are: Olivia Barrios (Marshall ’24), Adara Dowell (PHS ’23), Alison Duarte (Muir '24), Brianna Flores (Muir, ’23), Julian Macdonald (Muir ’24), Keilah Yu (Marshall ’25), Leo Lou  (Marshall ’24), Eloheem Mahone (Muir '24),  Mallika Sheshadri (PHS ’25), Aster Silverio (Rose City ’23), Isaak Uriu (Muir ’24).

    Some of the highlights at the Orientation included a virtual visit with Think Tank alumni who are now in college; Ella Uriu (Bucknell), Naomi Moore (Cal State-LA), Celeste Edell and Miguel Roybal Monzo (UC-Berkeley) shared how their experience in the Think Tank helped them adjust to their first year in college. Ms. Helen Hill, PUSD's Assistant Superintendent in Educational Services, stopped by to welcome the new cohort, and later in the morning, some high school principals also stopped by to greet the Think Tank. 

  • 2022-23 Cohort Three Selection Process

    The Think Tank continues to expand our base for the 2022-23 academic year, and 11 new members from Blair, Marshall, Muir, Pasadena High School, and Rose City were accepted into the Think Tank’s Cohort Three.  

    Virtual interviews were conducted by a student interview committee comprised of Sophia Chou (‘25), Adelynn Dale (‘23), Morgan Gaskell (‘24), Jesus Gonzalez (‘23), Mya Hernandez (‘23), Paulina McConnell (‘24), and Gabrielle Trujillo (‘24). This year, the interview committee operated on their own without an adult advisory team although we kept our facilitator, Sehba Sarwar, informed about the interview and selection process. 

    Eleven students joined the team after the formal orientation session in January 2023. 

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