Discipline Policy

  • Fundamental to Hamilton Elementary School’s mission is developing children who are thoughtful, caring, and responsible members of our community. We treat our students as individuals, worthy of respect and capable of making good choices. Further, the school utilizes positive incentives to promote and reinforce good behavior while simultaneously enforcing specific consequences for inappropriate behavior.

    Incentives include special monthly award assemblies, achievement privileges, and prizes. Consequences include recess or lunch detention, litter pick-up, citations, and, in rare instances, home suspension or expulsion. We believe this balanced approach promotes a safe school, a warm and friendly classroom environment, and demonstrates that good discipline is a solid foundation on which to build an effective school.

    Students at Hamilton are guided by specific rules and classroom expectations that promote respect, cooperation, courtesy, and acceptance of others. These rules include what we call our “Super Seven”:

       1. We respect each other’s rights, property, opinions, and differences.
       2. We think before we act and speak.
       3. We take pride in everything we do: our work, our appearance, and our school.
       4. We always tell the truth.
       5. We solve our problems without fighting.
       6. We use appropriate language.
       7. We are responsible for our actions.


    District-wide rules are listed in detail in the “PUSD Handbook for Appropriate and Expected Standards of Conduct” which is distributed to all families each Fall.  

    Additional info:

    PUSD Student Support: Discipline 
    PUSD Office of Child Welfare, Attendance and Safety.