5th Grade Science Field Trip

  • Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) - 5th grade fall field trip

    CIMI Each year our 5th Grade teachers and parents organize a science camp field trip to Catalina Island in the Fall for all 5th grade students.

    Catalina Island is a beautiful natural laboratory. The science camp is arranged through Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI), an outdoor science school providing outdoor education experiences for students. CIMI is a STEM based program. During their time on Catalina our 5th grade students participate in kayaking, snorkeling, climbing, and hiking activities that incoporate hands-on education in California biology and ecology, astronomy, and geology in a natural and fun setting.

    The trip typically lasts two and a half days and students are chaperoned by their 5th grade teachers and a few parents. The cost for the trip is covered by fees paid by families and funds raised by the PTA. Scholarships are available for students if needed.