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    Leader Hamilton Leaders of the Month

    As a Leader in Me School, we know that our children thrive in a nurturing environment when they feel safe, confident, and supported by teachers and other staff members. By recognizing each child as a leader with unique gifts and talents to share, all aspects of their education begin to flourish. This social and emotional learning process equips students with essential 21-century skills to build meaningful relationships and take ownership of their education.  

    Hamilton students find their voice in the classroom and through leadership roles by learning and applying life-ready leadership skills here on campus.

    Hamilton Elementary acknowledges Leaders of the Month at each month of our Friday morning Assemblies. Typically, these assemblies occur on the first Friday of the month outside on our play yard. Parents/Guardians and family members are welcome to come join us to celebrate these leaders! Throughout the year, Hamilton students are encouraged to take on Leadership Roles and help to make Hamilton Elementary the best that it can be.