Welcome To Equity and Access

  • The Office of Equity and Access is designed to provide educators with the information and resources needed to close the gaps in achievement, expectations, and opportunities for students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. A focus will be on creating equitable school environments for all learners.

    The team will analyze data, set goals, develop and monitor an equity blueprint. The blueprint will address the eight state priorities indicated in the California Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) with special emphasis on the following areas:

    • Access to a rigorous course of study
    • Common Core Standards Implementation
    • Parent Engagement
    • School Climate
    • Student Achievement
    • Student Engagement

    The team is dedicated to increasing students’ access to educational opportunities, post- secondary options, and social, emotional, and behavioral support services. Partnerships will be formed with other district departments, schools, faith-based and civic organizations.

    Trudell J. Skinner

    Coordinator of Equity and Access