Special Programs

  • Computer Lab/ Chromebooks- Students use the computer lab weekly. Students have access to the 3D printer for their engineering projects. In addition to the computer lab 1-5 use one of our 400 chromebooks daily to research, write, publish, and present using google docs and slideshows. Students collaborate using google docs and they create their own class quizzes using clever new web interfaces like Kahoot.
    Each class, first through fifth grade, has the option of spending 45 minutes per week in the computer lab. Kindergarten begins using the computer lab during the second semester. All projects and learning that takes place in the computer lab is an extention of what is being taught in the classroom. The majority of student projects are linked to their IB units of inquiry. 

    Students learn to word process and use programs such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Kidspiration, etc. Students learn how to navigate the internet safely and how to effectivly search for information. All students store their work in Google Drive. This allows students to keep a technology portfolio and permits them to work on their projects on the computers in their classroom.

    IB Exhibition- Each year 5th graders present their culminating research at IB Exhibition. Community members are invited to attend to the conference-style presentations of science inquiry that focuses on global citizenship.

    English Language Learners- English Learners are assessed using the CELDT annually to measure language acquisition. English Learners are instructed during designated ELD time and language supports using language objectives to support language demands during content area instruction.


    Birthday Book Club- Look for a letter from the Willard Library inviting your child to join our Birthday Book Club on the month of his/her birthday. This is your opportunity to donate a new book to our library in honor of your child’s special day! If you would like to participate you can send in your donation after receiving the letter. There will be a selection of new pre-purchased library books for your child to choose from. We will place a bookplate with your child’s name inside the book and he/she will be the first to check it out. This is a fun way to help our school library get new books, and it will give your child a sense of pride and ownership in our library.

    Visits- Willard has over 15,000 texts and an expanded program that supports inner-library loan from the Pasadena public library. Each year over 23,000 books are circulated through our system to support research and the love of reading. Willard has a full time librarian, and students visit the library weekly for 30 minutes. Students are also able to visit during recesses with a pass. Willard’s library is full of rich non-fiction texts to support research and inquiry around the IB units. There are also wonderful fiction titles to nurture the love of stories. With over 15,000 texts we have an expanded program that supports inner-library loan from the Pasadena public library.

    Library Resources

    Proquest SIRSFor username and password contact Karen Petersen at petersen.karen@pusd.us

    Spanish Class- All students rotate through Spanish Class. TK-K receive 30 minutes weekly and students in 1-5 grade receive 60 minutes weekly. Students learn Spanish that supports social language and then bridges to content area language learning to support their IB units.

    Every grade level has a Spanish curriculum that continues as they go on to the next grade level. For example in kindergarten students will learn the basics such as body parts, colors, shapes, greetings and simple commands. In Grades 1st through 5th students gradually move on from the basics to more complex concepts. Students of every grade level will be learning Spanish vocabulary taught in their IB units. This will in turn make their language study more meaningful if they are able to relate it to what they are studying in class.

    Special Education- The Pasadena Unified School District provides Special Education Services to children identified as  having special needs as young as two years old. The extent of participation in services is dependent on individual needs and may range from weekly speech therapy to sessions to on-going Resource Specialist Program (RSP) services to placement in a Special Education Classroom. Parents or guardians who feel that their child might need Special Education services should talk first to their child’s teacher or with school administrators so that a referral can be made.

    Science Fair- All students are invited to enter in Willard’s Science Fair. There will be an informational night before the fair. Science fair projects are judged by parent and staff volunteers in order to be selected for submission to the district’s Innovation Exposition.

    Science Lab- Willard science lab that is regularly used by classes for science experiments.