Elementary Menu Info

Fast Fun Fresh
  • Our elementary program was designed to meet the taste and expectations of our K-5 students. Each day we offer a mininum of three entree choices. Focusing on FAST healthy grab and go meals, FUN hot entree choices, and a daily variety of FRESH fruit and vegetable offerings, we offer students healthy and delicious meals based in USDA nutrition guidelines.  All our meals offer students whole grains, fruits and vegetable, protein, and a variety of non-fat and non-fat milk.  



MS Menu Info

Cafe Get Up & Go
  • Our Get Up and Go Cafe's prepare breakfast and lunches that are ideal for the middle school palate. We’re bringing students’ favorite foods from outside school inside, including fresh local fruits and vegetables, pizza, classic All-American burgers and foods with Asian flair and bold, BBQ flavors. All of our food is made with care in your schools kitchen and utilize fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat cheeses and whole grains.




HS Menu Info

HS Logo
  • Variety is the key at our high schools!  At breakfast we make sure to offer over ten choices a day!  And at lunch, our customers have access to over 20 entree choices!

    Bigger portions and items that we prepare only at the high school level assure that there is plenty of choice available to meet their wants and needs.  These students are also are offered twice as much fruit and vegetable each day as our elementary and middle school students.  That's a cup of fruit and a cup of vegetables in addition to an entree.  We strive to ensure they have access to a well balanced meal and plenty of food each day.


  • Elem Meal Prices:                                        MS Meal Prices:                                       HS Meal Prices:

    Breakfast:  $1.75                                      Breakfast:  $1.75                                      Breakfast:  $1.75

    Lunch:       $2.60                                      Lunch:       $3.10                                      Lunch:       $3.10