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  • The aspiration of the Child Welfare, Attendance and Safety Department is to promote student success. We believe in the fundamental principal of equity and fair treatment of all Pasadena Unified School District students. All students will be provided fair access and opportunity to comprehensive services that meet their needs. We strive to create a culture of collaboration by engaging community stakeholders, families, students, and staff in strategically addressing the barriers to student success.

    Through communication, collaboration, and engagement, our team of experienced professionals deliver student, family and community services, maximizing school achievement for students at all levels of learning and overcoming the academic, social, emotional, or physical barriers which may impede student success.

    We focus on areas of: 

    • Health and wellness
    • Parent support and education
    • School safety
    • Immediate responsiveness to emerging issues
    • Using multiple platforms to communicate timely information on district news, initiatives, programs, and events.
    • Enrollment options and opportunities. · Fostering community engagement, feedback, and partnerships
    • “Marketing” our programs, events and achievements
    • Ensuring a welcoming environment in schools and offices throughout our District
    • Continuously improving our quality systems and service delivery models
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Immigration Protection

  • In December 2016, the Pasadena Unified Board of Education joined California educational institutions in approving the resolution 2386 “Safe Zones for Students Threatened by Immigration Enforcement.” Our schools will continue to be the anchors of our neighborhoods, where all students and their families are welcomed, valued, and supported. We will continue to collaborate with each other and our partners to achieve academic excellence, celebrate our strengths and cultural diversity. 



  • Eric Sahakian
    Assistant Superintendent, School Support Services
    626.396.3600 ext. 88238
    Room 206

    Angela Gutierrez
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    626.396.3600 ext. 88238

    Olga Vanessa Torres
    CWAS Coordinator
    626.396.3600 ext. 88231

    Lara Choulakian
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    626.396.3600 ext. 88233

    Paul-Michael Dalton
    Child Welfare Attendance and Safety Counselor
    626.396.3600 ext. 88236

    Franchesca Ocasio
    Foster Youth Liaison
    626.396.3600 ext. 88248

    Lloyd Dabasol
    Attendance Specialist
    626.396.3600 ext. 88232


    Child Welfare, Attendance and Safety
    For an appointment please call: 626.396.3609
    Room: 206

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