8th Grade Package

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    We are looking forward to Promotion on May 29 at 2 pm. Requirements to participate in 8th Grade Activities:

    • No F’s on any semester grade in middle school
    • Less than 60 period absences per semester (excused and unexcused)
    • Less than 45 total tardies to all classes in the last semester and less than 15 tardies in the last grading period before the activity
    • No outstanding books/fines
    • No more than 4 discipline referrals this year
    • No more than 4 dress code citations this year
    • No more than 2 U’s in the last grading period

    If you are in need of earning back the privileges please see the Activities Office to schedule community service. 1 hour of community service clears each period absence and referral, 20 minutes of community service clears each tardy. Credit Recovery has been running all year to make up failing grades. Once we get to the end of the year there is nothing you can do to change an F or U, so make sure those do not show up on your report card by continuing to do your best.

    Please see your counselor if you have any questions.

    Important Dates:

    • April 13, 8:48 am – Department Awards
    • April 26 – Last day to purchase Knott’s Berry Farm tickets
    • May 11 – Last day to purchase tickets to 8th Grade Dance, $40 with ASB and $45 without
    • May 17 – Last day to purchase 8th Grade Picnic tickets: $30 with ASB and $35 without (includes T-shirt)
    • May 21, 9:40 am – Community Awards
    • May 21-23 – 8th Grade Final Exams
    • May 23 – Last day to turn in work to count towards your grade
    • May 24, 8 am – Promotion Rehearsal
    • May 24, 2 pm – Hello/Goodbye Rally
    • May 25, 8 am – 8th Grade Picnic
    • May 25, 1 pm – Promotion Rehearsal
    • May 29, 2 pm (students report at 12:30 pm) – Promotion, Marshall Sports Complex
    • May 29, 6-9pm – 8th Grade Dance
    • May 30 – Knott’s Berry Farm Trip


8th Grade Activites